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Estalin, Make up for your furniture

Estalin Polish    

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  High quality polish nourrishes, cleans and protects laquered, matted or waxed furnitures and surfaces.

Reference Product name
0110125 Estalin polish (125ml, 15 pieces)
0110250 Estalin polish (250ml, 15 pieces)
0110500 Estalin polish (500ml, 10 pieces)
0110100 Estalin polish (1000ml, 4 pieces)

    Eliminates stains and light scratches. Restores the natural beauty of wooden furniture.
Estalin Special dark    

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  Suitable for dark wood.

Reference Product name
0112125 Estalin Special dark (125ml, 15 pieces)
0112250 Estalin Special dark (250ml, 15 pieces)
0112500 Estalin Special dark (500ml, 10 pieces)
0112100 Estalin Special dark (1000ml, 4 pieces)
Estalin Special light    

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  Suitable for light wood.

Reference Product name
0111125 Estalin Special light (125ml, 15 pieces)
0111250 Estalin Special light (250ml, 15 pieces)
0111500 Estalin Special light (500ml, 10 pieces)
0111100 Estalin Special light (1000ml, 4 pieces)

Estalin Teak-Oil

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  This topclass preservative for teak and other oiled wood like ebony, mahagony, rosewood etc for in- and outdoor use. The oil is made of well proven raw materials which are fully absorbed by the wood and prevent dryness. The wood remains age resistant and retains its fresh and exotic appearance.

Reference Product name
0113125 Estalin Teak-oil (125ml, par 15 pièces)
0113250 Estalin Teak-oil (250ml, par 15 pièces)
0113500 Estalin Teak-oil (500ml, par 10 pièces)
0113100 Estalin Teak-oil (1000ml, par 4 pièces)